Frequently asked questions

In our engraving workshop we manufacture 4 types of hand stamps, all of them personalised and made with wooden handles. In our catalogue you can find our rubber stamps, wax seals, ex-libris and stamps for wet clay.

Original Selloa

How do I know which size to choose?

The sizes presented refer to the dimensions of the rubber, not the handle.

1.To calculate the exact size of your stamp, measure the height and width of your design and if it’s round, you must also measure the diameter.

2.It’s important to note that the stamp size refers to the dimensions of the rubber, not the handle. Once the design is engraved on the stamp, we will choose a suitable handle which will allow you to stamp in the most uniform way possible.

3.If you have any doubts, feel free send your design to so that we can help you calculate the size your stamp should be according to what you will use it for.

What if I need another size?

We like to feature the most popular sizes, however, our stamp sizes are fully customizable.If you need your stamp to be a different size than those offered on the website, please write to us at with your design and desired size and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

How long will my Selloa Original last?

Our rubber stamps will last for approximately 10,000 uses. We will send you a guide so you know how to preserve and clean your stamp properly. How long will my ink pad last?Our ink pads have a useful life of approximately 1,000 uses. 

What ink colours do you offer?

Here you will find all our different coloured inks. If you need a colour that does not appear on the list you can let us know by emailing

What materials are the stamps made of?

All our stamps’ handles are made of solid beech wood, one of the materials that guarantees a long useful life. The stamp is engraved on organic rubber.

Where are the stamps made?

Each of the stamps is manufactured in our workshop. We combine manual work with the precision of current technology.Do the stamps include ink?If you are purchasing a Selloa Original stamp, you will need to buy your ink separately. All our other stamp options allow you to include an ink pad.

Can I use different inks with the same stamp?

Yes, but make sure you clean the stamp properly. Learn how to take care of your stamp and clean it in our "Tips for your stamp" section.

Can I use the stamp on fabric?

Yes, the Selloa Original has endless possibilities, you can use it to stamp fabric with this special textile ink.

Sealing Wax

Do you sell wax for Selloa Wax stamps?

Yes, you can find our wax options here.How do I know if my design can be engraved on a wax seal?If you have any doubts, please send your design to and we will let you know if it is suitable for engraving. Selloa Clay 

How do I know what size to choose?We encourage you to think about the type of piece you want to stamp. Find the best selling sizes here.

Will it stamp effectively?Yes, 

Selloa clay 

Stamps are made of a much harder material that allows us to stamp wet clay more deeply.

Stamp customisation 

How to customise your stamp?

1.Choose your type of stamp, as well as the shape and size based on your design.

2.Send a good quality image of your design to in black and white. Remember to indicate your order number.

3.We will manufacture the stamp based on your design. 

Each stamp is made in our workshop, exclusively for you. In approximately 2 days we will have your stamp ready, although this will always depend on our workload.

Does the stamp include logo design?

Stamps do not include logo design but we are more than willing to help with simple designs. Selloa personalises your stamp with the design you provide.

What if I don't have a design?

If you do not have a design but want to create one we can help you. If you require a more complex design we can put you in touch with one of our trusted designers. 

How long does it take to make the stamp?

As the stamp manufacturers we have complete control over the process and will have your stamp ready within 1-2 days. However, this will depend on our workload.

Shipping & Returns

What are your shipping costs?

You can check both our shipping times and prices here.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?You will receive your stamp at home In a period of 24/48 hours. Customers in the Balearic or Canary Islands can check both the shipping times and the prices here.

Do you ship to the islands?

Yes, we ship to all of Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands. You can check both the shipping times and prices here. Do you ship to Europe?Yes, we ship to several European countries such as Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Check our rates here. 

Can I return a stamp?

Each stamp is made to order. As stamps are personalised objects, returns are not accepted unless the stamp or one of the items in your order has arrived damaged or misprinted. We also do not accept returns if the problem is due to ink from another supplier.