Built to last

Sustainability is directly related to durability. That's why we manufacture high-quality stamps, which with proper care will have a long lifespan of about 10,000 uses.


No other product can quite compare to those which are carefully handcrafted using artisan practises. Selloa represents a return to artisan values, in which quality and attention to detail are top priorities. We manufacture each stamp as if it were the first, dedicating time and energy to each product to obtain a quality finish. In addition, our stamps are made to order, meaning we produce only what we need, reducing surpluses and waste.

Organic materials 

We’re enchanted by wood and traditional objects, not only because they are natural materials, but also because of their high-quality. All of our stamp handles are made from beech wood, a tree found in northern Spain.

We are committed to giving back to the Earth what it’s given to us. That’s why part of the profits from each purchase goes towards reforestation, allowing our stamps to return to the Earth in the form of seed from which a new tree will grow.


We are constantly searching to increase our sustainable materials and processes. We have incorporated organic rubber into our manufacturing process as one of the main materials. Although rubber is a natural resource, it is often treated with chemical products. For this reason we've opted for organic rubber, as its manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly.In addition, 100% of the energy used to manufacture our inks comes from renewable sources and the ink cases themselves are made of 90% recycled plastic.

Recycled and reusable packaging 

The planet’s story is also our story. That's why the decisions we make when producing or composing our products are always based on respecting the environment. We’ve chosen to avoid using plastic packaging with our stamps since the very beginning. Our packaging is made of recycled cardboard, and we encourage our customers to reuse the box the stamp arrives in as it's a good place to keep it protected.