How to keep your stamp looking brand new

Our stamps have been built to last. Composed of sustainable materials such as organic rubber and beech wood and made with dedication and care, these stamps will be with you for a lifetime.

We want to share a couple of tricks that will help you care for, clean and conserve your rubber stamp.

How to clean your rubber stamp

Before putting your stamp away, simply remove the excess ink with a baby wipe. However, if you want to use another type of ink or colour with the same stamp and want to keep your manual stamp looking brand new, we recommend following these instructions:

1º Stamp your stamp several times on paper to absorb excess ink.

2º To clean your stamp thoroughly you can moisten a piece of kitchen towel with a small amount of turpentine and scrub. Alternatively, you can use an old toothbrush and a little water and brush your stamp lightly to clean it.

3º Dry the stamp by pressing it on some kitchen towel.

How to store your Selloa

Store your stamp in a safe place, free from moisture, away from high temperatures and direct sunlight. We encourage you to use the recyclable box you receive your stamp in, as it's a good place to keep it safe and prevent it from spoiling.

Remember to avoid touching the handle of the stamp with ink-stained hands or resting the wood on an ink pad as once the wood is stained, it's very difficult to get out.

In addition to these tips, you will receive a guide along with your Selloa purchase including tips on how to obtain the best results with your stamp.